Xpel Sealant


XPEL Sealant is an acrylic polymer clear bra paint protection film protection product that is purpose-made for protecting any aliphatic urethane clear bra paint protection film installation. Attaching itself at a molecular level, to the clear bra paint protection film the sealant forms a hardened barrier when exposed to UV light. By sealing off the pores in the film, the sealant will reduce absorption of pollutants, tar, and pollen; as well as staining due acid rain, hard water and bugs by 90%. Once applied your clear bra paint protection film will reject dirt impregnation and be much easier to clean all around as the dirt, contaminants will come right off the clear bra paint protection film. Because Xpel Sealant is engineered specifically for Aliphatic Polyurethane clear bra paint protection film, Xpel Sealant is much more durable on Paint Protection Film Clear Bra than other waxes and polishes. Apply XPEL Sealant monthly or more often for maximum protection of your Xpel Ultimate or 3M Pro VentureShield Ultra or other paint protection clear bra films.

Xpel Sealant is near a must have to keep your Xpel Ultimate clear bra paint protection film looking its very best after a Vancouver ClearBra paint protection film installation is done. If you would like to get some Xpel Sealant please contact me. Be sure when getting your Xpel Sealant, you also order or pick up some Xpel Paint Protection Film Cleaner. Xpel Paint Protection Film Cleaner is excellent for removing tougher stains and helping prevent any issues of contaminants sticking to your Xpel Ultimate paint protection film installation by Vancouver ClearBra between Xpel Sealant applications.

As with other sealants, Xpel Sealant should be applied in a even thin layer is over the whole vehicle not just the clearbra and allowed to dry to a haze. Once dry use a quality microfiber to remove the Xpel Sealant residue on the Xpel Ultimate clear bra paint protection film and the rest of the painted surfaces. You can use Xpel Paint Protection Film Cleaner to begin your clear bra paint protection film installation cleaning.

If for whatever reason you get minor scratching when washing or applying Xpel Sealant, it will go away by itself in room temperature weather, as Xpel Ultimate is a self healing clear bra paint protection film. If you desire quicker results pour hot water over your affected clear bra paint protection film and watch the scratches disappear.

Xpel-Ultimate-Vancouver-ClearBra-clear-bra-paint-protection-film 3M-Pro-Vancouver ClearBra-clear-bra-paint-protection-film VentureShield-Ultra-Vancouver-ClearBra-clear-bra-paint-protection-film

Xpel Sealant

Names Paint Protection Film Clear Bra is known by
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