Porsche Centre Langley Clear Bra

Porsche Centre Langley Clear Bra

 Porsche Centre Langley Clear Bra Vancouver ClearBraPorsche Centre Langley reached out to me at Vancouver ClearBra to help service an esteemed and knowledgeable Porsche clear bra client, at the new Open Road,  Porsche Centre Langley in Langley BC Canada. Rock chipping is a major concern for most Porsche owners due to Porsche’s low design and modern water based paints. This can be seen on virtually any Porsche that is driven on the highways with the front ends being peppered with rock chips in as little as 8-15,000 km’s. With Vancouver ClearBra’s extensive longstanding knowledge in Porsche clear bra installations since 2004, and the quality Porsche vehicles Porsche Centre Langley has to offer it’s clients, leads to a natural choice of a working relationship between Porsche Centre Langley and Vancouver ClearBra for clear bra paint protection film installations.

Porsche Centre Langley Vancouver Clear Bra Clear Bra Xpel 3MWith the relationship I have had with Porsche clients and dealers over the years including Porsche Centre Langley clear bra through Vancouver ClearBra, you can be assured to have the highest quality clear bra paint protection film installation possible with no hassles. If you’re not fully satisfied, I am not fully satisfied. Vancouver ClearBra’s ongoing attention to detail and testing of newest films to market will keep you, as a Porsche client satisfied. Your Porsche clear bra will be installed by me personally, in which I have been a professional 3M trained and Xpel certified installer since 2004, who passionately cares about your Porsche, like it was my own.


Porsche Centre Langley Vancouver Clear Bra Clear Bra Xpel 3MVancouver ClearBra only install top quality clear bra such as Xpel Ultimate, or 3M Pro. Vancouver ClearBra will offer 3M Pro as an alternative compared to the Xpel Ultimate clear bra paint protection film. If you are purchasing your new Porsche as a Porsche Centre Langley client, and are looking for a quality clear bra installation please contact me or fill out the form below. Please take the time to look at some quality Porsche clear bra, done at Porsche Centre Langley through Vancouver ClearBra below. In addition, you will find some bad clear bra jobs you can use as a guide to demonstrate the poor clearbra jobs being done in the Vancouver market on Porsches by other dealers, tint shops and new installers. If you have the time, you can browse some of my other clear bra installations on Porsches at Vancouver ClearBra here.

I am free to you for phone or in person consultation, If you have any clear bra questions Dee in the business office, or the sales staff are not able to answer. We would like to be sure you make the right clear bra coverage choice for your new Porsche from Porsche Centre Langley. Please contact me to set up a time for us to go over your upcoming Xpel Ultimate or 3M Pro clear bra paint protection film installation on your new Porsche.

Porsche Centre Langley
Address: 6016 Collection Drive, Langley, BC V3A 0G2
Phone: (604) 530-8911

Vancouver ClearBra
Email: info@vancouverclearbra.com
Phone: 778-938-8057

Porsche Clear Bra Coverage Options:

 Porsche Clear Bra Coverage
In Progress)

The most common Porsche clear bra paint protection film coverage would be the full front and rocker panels package which includes full hood, full fenders, mirrors, headlights, fog lights and rocker panels including the side of the rear bumpers. From here many Porsche clients are moving towards full vehicle coverage to protect the whole car allowing for the greatest resale value, and looks during your Porsche ownership. This is especially true with Porsche clientele that will see track days.

Xpel Ultimate Clear Bra Warranty:

Xpel Ultimate:

  • 10 years on clear bra against yellowing, bubbling or cracking.

Vancouver ClearBra:

  • Lifetime warranty on installations by Vancouver ClearBra.

Porsche Clear Bra Installations

Below are samples of work done on many Porsche’s including some at Porsche Centre Langley by Vancouver ClearBra, for their excellent Porsche clientele. Please compare what you see here to the below bad clear bra installations by other local installers. The gallery will be updated with new Porsche clientele clear bra paint protection film images as timing permits.

Porsche Clear Bra

Porsche Centre Langley

Porsche BAD Clear Bra Installations

Below you will see samples of bad clear bra work on Porsches. This is work from other local installers and tint shops who offer clear bra as a side hobby. Be sure to avoid the bad work and edal direct with a clear bra installer who has the skill and knowledge of how to provide you with a quality long lasting clear bra paint protection film like Xpel Ultimate or 3M Pro that will add value to your new Porsche. You will clearly see why your best value is with a clear bra installation by Vancouver ClearBra.

Bad Porsche Clear Bra

Porsche Bad Clear Bra

Porsche Clear Bra Appointment

Porsche Vancouver ClearBra Appointment

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About Your Installer

Porsche-Vancouver-Clear-Bra-paint-protection-film-3M-Xpel-installation-Vancouver-232My experience installing 3M, Xpel, VentureShield clear bra paint protection film goes back to the mid 2000’s when I brought clear bra paint protection film to the Vancouver market through my high end detailing company with 3M clear bra paint protection film. I have since done work on near every imaginable car out there like BMW, Lexus, Infiniti, Lotus, Lamborghini, Mercedes Benz, Honda, Acura, Audi, Volkswagen, Bentley, Porsche, Range Rover, Aston Martin and others, for dealerships and auto groups like Open Road Lexus, Regency Lexus, Auto West Infiniti, Auto west BMW, Brian Jessel BMW, The BMW Store, Auto One, Auto Form, Affinity Auto, Park Shore BMW, Moncton BMW, Porsche Halifax, Lamborghini Vancouver, Weissach, Porsche Centre Langley, Porsche Centre Victoria, Porsche Centre Vancouver, Ferrari Maserati of Vancouver, MCL Motorcars, Jim Pattison Volvo, Open Road Auto Group, Jim Pattison Auto Group on to body shops such as Burrard Autostrasse, Coache Collision, No1 Collision, Marks Auto body, Korva World Class, Craftsman Collision to name some of the dealerships and auto body shops, I have done work for over the years as a clear bra paint protection film installer.

Be sure to have a look at what my local Vancouver competition has to offer for clear bra paint protection film installations using 3M Pro and Xpel Ultimate, in addition to the vast amount of bad clear bra jobs I have seen from the local tint shops and new installers to the Vancouver area, that I have personally removed and reinstalled their clear bra, and made it look right. Sadly at times this has been the customers expense as they left the dealership and signed off on the new car, don’t let this happen to you. I’ve also added a page on me vs the competition and some must know information to further illustrate the need to find the correct installer to make you new clear bra paint protection film installation look it’s best; while allowing you some education as to what you need to look for in a clear bra paint protection film installation using 3M Pro, Xpel Ultimate and VentureShield Ultra clear bra paint protection film.

Xpel-Ultimate-Vancouver-ClearBra-clear-bra-paint-protection-film 3M-Pro-Vancouver ClearBra-clear-bra-paint-protection-film

  Porsche Centre Langley Clear Bra

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