Land Rover Range Rover Xpel Clear Bra

Land Rover Range Rover Xpel Clear Bra




2016 Land Rover Range Rover Xpel Clear Bra


Vancouver BC Canada


2016-Land-Rover-Range-Rover-Xpel-Ultimate-Clear-Bra-Paint-Protection-Film-installation-Vancouver-ClearBra-51Jonathan got in touch just before I went back east for a few weeks for the holidays and arranged to have his upcoming Land Rover Range Rover long wheelbase wrapped with a Xpel Ultimate full coverage clear bra. This will cover all painted panels on his new Land Rover Range Rover long wheelbase front clear bra paint protection film. In addition to the normal areas of coverage we went so far as to cover the glass on the panoramic roof to prevent any future acid etching etc… This will provide jonathan all of the coverage he could need to keep the value of his new Land Rover Range rover long wheelbase in pristine condition during his ownership to allow him to alw
ays be happy with the look and an eventual financial payoff when the vehicle is sold as it will have new paint with likely no rock chips, scratching etc… from the years of driving throughout the lower mainland of British Columbia Canada

Jonathan reached out just before Khoa contacted me about putting a vinyl wrap on his new 2016 Jaguar F Type with 3M Vinyl Wrap in Satin Pearl White to cover the existing gloss white factory Jaguar paint job. This turned out to be an excellent classy looking color that blended very well with Khoa’s 2016 Jaguar F-Type using the 3M 1080 vinyl wrap in satin pearl white 3M code # 1080-SP10.

Xpel Ultimate clear bra paint protection film is what Vancouver ClearBra specializes in and you can see some of the coverages available up to a ful
l coverage option with Xpel Ultimate or 3M Pro, which will provide a seamless look that one cannot tell is installed until inspected inch for inch. A clear bra and a wrap are totally different as clear bra is made to protect the painted surface whereas 3M 1080 Vinyl Wrap will only protect the paint as a secondary coincidental factor as it is not the main intent and is too thin to provide a great deal of protection.

2016-Land-Rover-Range-Rover-Xpel-Ultimate-Clear-Bra-Paint-Protection-Film-installation-Vancouver-ClearBra-52 2016-Land-Rover-Range-Rover-Xpel-Ultimate-Clear-Bra-Paint-Protection-Film-installation-Vancouver-ClearBra-55


Included on the Land Rover Range Rover Xpel Clear Bra installation by Vancouver ClearBra:

  • Full vehicle Xpel Ultimate all primary painted panels and roof glass covered

Conclusion of the Land Rover Range Rover Xpel Clear Bra installation:

 You will see one of the first images on Instagram and then the installation and finished pictures of the Xpel Ultimate clear bra paint protection film installation below, plus the Vancouver ClearBra YouTube channel to watch Xpel Ultimate clear bra installation videos on many vehicles.

The Land Rover Range Rover arrived just before the Jaguar F Type was dropped off for a 3M Vinyl Wrap in Satin Pearl white. The Range Rover long wheelbase was brought over straight from the dealership as to allow the cleanest job to be done. The progress started slow as my helper was absent for 3 days which put me behind the installation timeline we had discussed for the Land Rover Range Rover clear bra paint protection film full coverage installation. I ended up getting all done but the roof and we had to get together a couple of days later at which time we realized the hood had some wrinkles that should not be there and the hood will be replaced, some air bubbles removed and a couple of little trims.

This said, the job turned out well and will provide the protection needed to keep a modernly painted vehicles surface in pristine factory like shape.

2016 Land Rover Range Rover Xpel Clear Bra Full Coverage Installation Images

2016 Land Rover Range Rover L

2016-Land-Rover-Range-Rover-Xpel-Ultimate-Clear-Bra-Paint-Protection-Film-installation-Vancouver-ClearBra-3Be sure to have a look at what my local Vancouver competition has to offer for clear bra paint protection film installations using 3M Pro, Xpel Ultimate, VentureShield  Ultra clear bra, in addition to the vast amount of bad clear bra jobs I have seen from the local tint shops and new installers to the Vancouver area, that I have personally removed and reinstalled their clear bra, and made it look right. Sadly at times this has been the customers expense as they left the dealership and signed off on the new car, don’t let this happen to you. I’ve also added a page on me vs the competition and some must know information to further illustrate the need to find the correct installer to make you new clear bra paint protection film installation look it’s best; while allowing you some education as to what you need to look for in a clear bra paint protection film installation using 3M Pro, Xpel Ultimate and VentureShield Ultra clear bra paint protection film. The Vancouver ClearBra YouTube channel is now running

Xpel-Ultimate-Vancouver-ClearBra-clear-bra-paint-protection-film 3M-Pro-Vancouver ClearBra-clear-bra-paint-protection-film

Land Rover Range Rover Xpel Clear Bra Vancouver

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