Tesla Vancouver Clear Bra Xpel SunTek 3M Hexis

Tesla Vancouver Clear Bra Xpel SunTek 3M Hexis

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Tesla Vancouver Clear Bra Tesla Vancouver Clear Bra Xpel SunTek 3M Hexis Vancouver BC Canada
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Tesla Vancouver Clear Bra Xpel SunTek 3M Hexis

Tesla Vancouver Clear Bra Xpel SunTek 3M Hexis

As a Tesla owner you’re likely aware of clear bra, especially if browsing the Tesla Motor Club forums online since clear bra’s a commonly referred to subject with a great deal of Tesla owners opting to protect their new Model S or Model X versions. In the case, you’re not familiar with clear bra paint protection film I’ll attempt to help fill you in on the overall premise, use, process along with a brief history of where clear bra came from to the best of my ability after installing for 14 years. I’d suggest, as I do throughout my blog, for you as an upcoming Tesla owner or current owner to take time and understand the differences. There’s only a small handful of installers on the west coast of America who do quality clear bra installations. Your Tesla clear bra cannot be shopped like an Xbox based on pricing and don’t end up with a clear bra like this on you Tesla.

Unfortunately, as an end consumer, it can be hard to know what to look for. As a clear bra installer and luxury car owner my desires are with satisfying you as my client. I’ll go over what it takes to know quality and details which make me vs other installers better understood. The concern is to avoid a BAD installation. With some guidance, this should be possible and would by my pleasure to have you as an ongoing clear bra client for many years to come by helping you make an educated decision about clear bra for your new Tesla Model S or Model X in Vancouver Canada.

Clear Bra nowadays has up to 10 year warranties, 60″ widths and resistance to yellowing or fading. You, and the next owner of your Tesla will see a benefit down the road financially and mentally with piece of mind knowing your paint, looks new and value of your Tesla is not being chipped, bumped, scratched, and blasted away diminishing the value during your ownership. The Tesla Clear Bra installed by Vancouver ClearBra will leave your Tesla rock chip free without chips or sandblasting on the paint or head lights when the time comes to trade up.

Dark colored Tesla’s benefit greatly from clear bra as they will not need yearly machine orbital polishing to get rid of swirls, spider webbing, scratches etc… Light colored Tesla’s will be protected from black spots on the bumpers due to rock chips stripping away the paint exposing the black plastic undercoating, parking lot bumps, key scrapes, minor wall collisions along with other wear and tear since the clear bra has long standing durability where applied, and is self-healing to a limit.

Tesla Logo Clear Bra Paint Protection Film Vancouver ClearBraKeep in mind, one trip in the winter up the Coquihalla or whistler can easily result in the need for a whole front end paint job on your Tesla due to extensive rock damage. Spring and fall can be equally as bad as vehicles are travelling at a higher speeds.

Tesla owners generally opt for one of two main Clear bra paint protection film options below in Vancouver Canada, through me at Vancouver ClearBra. Below that you’ll see both Tesla model packages illustrated through pictures with the colored areas being the panels covered in clear bra.

Tesla Clear Bra Options

  • Full Front and Rocker Panels – Covers the main impact zones and suitable for the prevention of damages from rocks, sand blasting, minor collisions to the front the and where the wheels throw rocks back up at your Tesla, be it a Model S or Model X.

  • Full Coverage – Covers virtually all of the painted surfaces on the Tesla Model S and Model X. In addition to the above, you’ll also have peace of mind against an errant shopping cart, senseless passengers who rub jewelry against the car when opening a door (even with auto doors people still do it) or place objects on your Tesla scratching the paint, non thinking humans who decide to write a nice phrase “Wash Me” or something more lewd like “I wish my wi….. dirty”, side spraying slush and rocks in the winter, bicycle impacts, bird poop, In addition, you’ll receive the highest resale value possible with all factory new paint, There will be no need for intensive yearly or bi yearly polishing due to self healing clear bra saving you thousands of dollars or possibly up to 100 hours of precious time, over your lifetime ownership of your Tesla. Protection while loading and unloading cargo and passengers in all areas including a roof rack scenario or bikes will be a worry of days gone by.

Illustrative Examples of  Model S Clear Bra Coverage

Model S Full Front and Rocker Panels Clear Bra

Model S Full Coverage Clear Bra

Clear Bra pattern example Tesla Vancouver Clear Bra Xpel SunTek 3M Hexis

Clear Bra is made from urethane and known as paint protection film, clear guard, rock guard, paint shield, stone guard and even sometimes mistakenly called a vinyl bra. From here there’s a multitude of clear bra films like Xpel, SunTek, Hexis, Stek, 3M, VentureShield and more. Many times, clear bra companies re brand the film they use.

Clear Bra’s original intent was to protect rotor blades on helicopters in a war environment and developed by 3M. From here, it was used on landing gears on aircraft to prevent rock damage. These old films would certainly always yellow although not a concern like on your new Tesla would be. From this point, it was brought into Nascar auto racing and then road vehicles. In early to mid 2000’s the rock chip and sandblasting protection afforded by the clear bra and 48″ width limits leaving un desired seams across hoods outweighed it’s looks and tendency to turn yellow / discolor. Fast forward in time like you are going to be in your Tesla and get back to the future now leads us to modern top coated films on the market that have up to ten year warranties. After near 6 years on the market I’ve yet to see signs of discoloration on these modern films like Xpel ULTIMATE. Add to this the self-healing ability and widths to 60″ and we are now at a time when a quality installer can do an installation in which you’d have to look very close to tell there was anything installed on the paint.

From here, one should take the time to know who’s installing clear bra on your new Tesla be with me directly, or at the Tesla dealerships, as clear bra film is only part of the equation. Both Tesla models present challenges when it comes to obtaining a clean quality clear bra paint protection film installation. Through 14 years of dedication to clear bra in Vancouver market, and being the original certified clear bra installer in British Columbia has allowed me to see great changes over the years in films and installation quality. With this comes the experience to satisfy the most demanding Tesla clients. A clear bra will ultimately be protecting your return on the investment you’ve placed into your Tesla through hard work and dedication.

The type of plotter used to cut the clear bra patterns on down to the sharpness of the blade all matter and most importantly the software used to cut the kits is of paramount importance since it’s responsible where the film ends, how it stretches and wraps on your Tesla. Therefore, I use a Graphtec plotter which is the industry leading plotter on the market. In addition, my software is the best in the market in speed of pattern availability, adaptability, and pattern design for your Tesla whether you have a Model S or Model X. The Xpel software was selected based on quality, not what it can save me in pattern cutting costs.

Illustrative Examples of Model X Clear Bra Coverage

Model X Full Front and Rocker Panels Clear Bra
Model X Full Coverage Clear Bra

Bad Clear Bra Installations

To qualify the following statements, realize there is no such thing as a perfect clear bra, and at times there are needs to get together to remove some air bubbles, an errant edge that collected dust if not noticed during installation and drying. Installations may have very minor imperfections. As an example a minor grit of sand, a tiny lint, or very minor texture in a small isolated area on the surface of the film on a complex compound curve, due to adhesive disturbance and seen only with very close inspection; due to the nature of installing all films, be it tint, clear bra or vinyl wraps. Issues such as knife cuts, lifting edges corners which are under a lifetime warranty, jagged cuts, full hair  etc… aren’t an acceptable outcome. To further illustrate my point in the next paragraph and get a sense of the importance in selecting the right installer, simply view these atrocious clear bra installations I’ve had the misfortune to have seen, and replaced over the 14 years installing clear bra.

If going through a dealership or as an example a tint shop, hobby installer, part timer you need to know who’s really installing behind the blade of your clear bra installation on your Tesla. Is it a new guy or someone who relies on deceptive pictures online and swift marketing to obtain their clients? I’ve been building long term relationships with clients including a returning client, who’s just finished his fourth car with me being a BMW M3. I would like to be your installer for your current and any future Tesla or other vehicle you obtain for years down the road as a returning clear bra client. As a side, I just spoke with another installer who updated me on the tale of a Dodge Viper ACR who came to me originally looking for a clear bra installation with Xpel ULTIMATE. Unfortunately, he went elsewhere and the job was not done well, leaving him to deal with the option of having to replace the clear bra at some point soon at cost to him. It doesn’t matter what your perceived idea about a shops reputation is at times, whether they use product A or B, how many likes, subscribers, 5 star reviews, or size of shop and location. In the end, it’s the skill of installer along with the selection of the right film and cutting software along with how they stand behind their work, and its quality. You can see a plethora of close up pictures dating back to the early 2000’s. Some of the tesla’s I’ve done over the past years are below and can be found here as well.

As you see there’s a great deal to selecting the right installer for your new Tesla and further to the clear bra mentioned above on the Viper ACR in itself, a great example of what one can get in the local Vancouver market from a known shop, providing less than stellar clear bra results, is another vehicle that recently received had a clear bra installed by another known installer had to have the Full Coverage Xpel ULTIMATE Wrap removed on his black Porsche 911 Carrera GTS only to have me apply a whole new full coverage installation but only in stages to see the outcome of each step as he was willing to cancel the whole plans if he could not have it look good. Fortunately, I could satisfy the requirements and unfortunately for the owner of the Porsche didn’t know about Vancouver ClearBra till after the dealership installed the clear bra and delivered it to him.

Here is bad clear bra jobs by local installers I’ve had to replace or seen firsthand over the 14 years of installing clear bra. I put these here as a warning for you to plainly understand just how decrepit the work can be from “known” supposedly “professional” clear bra installers in which all circumstances required replacement at cost, to the owner.

Furthermore, Vancouver ClearBra is now giving back to the tesla community as a vendor on Tesla Motor Club in the Tesla Canada forum where you’ll be able to find me helping out Tesla owners with their decisions on clear bra coverages for their Tesla Model S or Model X vehicles.

Bad Clear Bra on Porsches Close Up

**Click on pictures to enlarge for viewing**

Around Logo Light Surround Washer Trim Tiny Partial No Wrap
Washer Trim Orange Peel Too Small Orange Peel  Partial

Tesla Clear Bra Installations I’ve done

Model X Spoiler  Model X Front Bumper
Tesla Vancouver Clear Bra Xpel SunTek 3M Hexis Tesla Vancouver Clear Bra Xpel SunTek 3M Hexis
 Model X Fog Light Model X Trunk
Tesla Vancouver Clear Bra Xpel SunTek 3M Hexis Tesla Vancouver Clear Bra Xpel SunTek 3M Hexis
Model X Fender Model X Mirror
Tesla Vancouver Clear Bra Xpel SunTek 3M Hexis Tesla Vancouver Clear Bra Xpel SunTek 3M Hexis
Model X B-Pillar Model X Doors
Tesla Vancouver Clear Bra Xpel SunTek 3M Hexis Tesla Vancouver Clear Bra Xpel SunTek 3M Hexis
Model S Close Light and Edge  Model S Light
Model S Door Handle Model S Clear Bra
Model S Rocker Panel Model S Mirror

Clear Bra Sealant and Cleaner

Two useful products to help extend the life of a Tesla clear bra is Xpel Cleaner and Xpel Sealant both of which I have in stock on most occasions, when I can keep it in long enough. You get a sample of each when you get a full coverage clear bra installation on your Tesla.

  • Xpel Sealant – Think of this as a wax “wax on, wax off Danielson…” and is an good addition to your clear bra’s surface albeit not mandatory, although coming from owning a high end detailing company of luxury automobiles in the mid 2000’s I can tell you when applied it makes cleaning your Tesla far easier and most contamination falls off easily when sprayed off with water. Sealant works by adding a thin layer of acrylic, polymer or more recently Nano technology is being used onto your Tesla’s paint. 
  • Xpel Cleaner – This cleaner is rarely used in day to day ownership of clear bra on your Tesla. Its intended use is on a stain that won’t come off with regular washing, which is very rare. It’s easy to use as you only need a microfiber cloth, spray it on the cloth and vehicle on the area of concern then wipe the affected area till the stain is gone and next clean the area off with water. I’d suggest to use hot water as to help with self healing any minor scratching you may have put on the top coat of the film. Don’t do it in the sun when the paint is hot.
Xpel Sealant Xpel Cleaner

There’s no question, it’s best to use a quality self-healing and orange peel free clear bra like XPEL ULTIMATE SunTek, Hexis, Stek or 3M Pro paint protection film for your Tesla Model S or Tesla Model X. If you’re looking to be unique and change your gloss paint to a matte satin finish or have matte satin paint you want to protect from rock chips and scratching then Xpel STEALTH wrap is an example of a film option you’d have to consider.

The Tesla Vancouver Clear Bra Xpel SunTek 3M Hexis Stek and Xpel STEALTH matte films can be used with the Xpel software to cut the patterns shown below for your Tesla Model S or Model X.

Tesla Model X Clear Bra Patterns

Tesla Model X Full Hood Fenders Tesla Model X Front Bumper
Full Hood, Fender and Mirror Kit Bumper Kit
Tesla Model X Rocker Panels Tesla Model X Rear Bumper
Rocker Panel Kit  Rear Bumper Kit
Tesla Model X Full Doors Tesla Model X Seatbacks
Door Kit Interior Seat Back Kit
Tesla Model X Trunk Tesla Roof – B Pillar – A Pillar
 Trunk Lid and Rear Fender Kit  Roof, B-Pillar and A-Pillar Kit

 Tesla Model S Clear Bra Patterns

Tesla Model S Full Hood Fenders Tesla Model S Front Bumper
Full Hood, Fender and Mirror Kit Bumper Kit
Tesla Model S Rocker Panels Tesla Model S Rear Bumper
 Rocker Panel Kit Rear Bumper Kit
Tesla Model S Full Doors Tesla Model S A-Pillars and Roof
Door Kit A-Pillar and Roof Kit
Tesla Model S Trunk Tesla Model S Rear Fenders 
 Trunk Lid Kit  Rear Fender Kit
Model S Luggage Area  Model S  A-Pillars and Roof
Luggage Area Kit A-Pillar and Roof Kit

Tesla Vancouver Clear Bra Xpel SunTek 3M Hexis Images

2015 Tesla Model S

2015 Tesla Model S 70D

2016 Tesla Model S

2017 Model X

2017 Model X Xpel Stealth Matte Satin

2017 Model X

2017 Model S

Examples of Xpel Stealth Matte Clear Bra (not my work)

Xpel Stealth Gloss Difference Xpel Stealth finished Model S Xpel Stealth
Full Coverage Xpel Stealth

You can check me out on Instagram doing full paint protection film installations on Tesla Vancouver Clear Bra Xpel, SunTek, 3M Pro, Hexis clear bra in Vancouver BC. In addition, I’ve began to post some Vancouver ClearBra YouTube videos on my channel. At present this is very time consuming and will update when I can as I have a number of videos with a Lamborghini Aventador among others that need to be compiled. Facebook or Google Plus are other areas you’ll find information along with Twitter.

Be sure to have a look at what the local Vancouver competition offers for clear bra paint protection film installations using 3M Pro, XPEL ULTIMATE, Hexis, SunTek, Stek and VentureShield Ultra clear bra, in addition to the vast amount of bad clear bra jobs I’ve seen and replaced from the local tint shops and new installers in the Greater Vancouver area in the lower mainland of British Columbia Canada. Sadly, most times this has been at the customers expense since they left the dealership and signed off on a new car, don’t let this happen to you. I’ve also added a page on me vs the competition and some must know information to further illustrate the need to find the correct installer for your clear bra paint protection film installation to look it’s best; while allowing you some education as to what you need to look for in a clear bra paint protection film installation using 3M Pro, Xpel ULTIMATE, Xpel STEALTH, SunTek, Stek, Hexis and VentureShield Ultra clear bra paint protection film.

Xpel-Ultimate-Vancouver-ClearBra-clear-bra-paint-protection-film Xpel STEALTH Logo Clear Bra Paint Protection Film Vancouver ClearBra SunTek Logo Clear Bra Paint Protection Film Vancouver ClearBra Hexis Logo Clear Bra Paint Protection Film Vancouver ClearBra  Stek Logo Clear Bra Paint Protection Film Vancouver ClearBra 3M-Pro-Vancouver ClearBra-clear-bra-paint-protection-film

Tesla Vancouver Clear Bra Xpel SunTek 3M Hexis

Names Paint Protection Film Clear Bra is known by
clear bra – clearbra – clear car bra – car bra clear – clear paint protection – paint protection film – 3m paint protection film – car paint protection headlight protection – vehicle bra – paint protection film – 3M paint protection film – Xpel – durasheild – stonshield – invisibleshield – Ventureshield – shadow sheild – Paint Protection Film Clear Bra – Vancouver ClearBra – ClearBra – PPF – XPEL ULTIMATE – Protex – 3M Pro – Ventureshield Ultra – 3M Pro – Durashield – quality installations – wraps – Shadow Shield – protex – rock chip protection – Clear Bra – 3M – Stek – Sun Tek – Xpel STEALTH – Hexis

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