BMW M3 Xpel STEALTH Clear Bra

BMW M3 Xpel STEALTH Clear Bra

Client: Vehicle: Location:
Zee 2016 BMW M3 Xpel STEALTH Clear Bra Vancouver Vancouver BC Canada
Clear Bra Concerns:

BMW-M3-Xpel-STEALTH-matte-Clear-Bra-Paint-Protection-Film-installation-Vancouver-ClearBra-3M-348Zee got in contact with me months before the arrival of his new 2016 BMW M3 in blue. It was early on that he seen a Xpel Stealth matte clear bra job I was working on and got him interested in doing that to his new BMW M3.

On arrival of his new BMW M3 Zee brought over the car for a full Xpel STEALTH clear bra paint protection film installation. With this his new BMW is no longer glossy and has a pristine matte finish to it that has attracted a great deal off attention as it is the only one in BC and possibly all of Canada like it. Along with the looks Zee can expect years of rock chip and sandblasting protection from his full coverage Xpel STEALTH clear bra paint protection film which driving around Vancouver and the interior.

A full coverage Xpel STEALTH clear bra was the best choice for looks and value wise which will leave the BMW M3 in pristine condition come time for resale. Furthermore, there will be no seams, nor join marks on the 2016 BMW M3 using the Xpel patterns and Xpel STEALTH matte self healing clear bra paint protection film.

Xpel STEALTH has a 10 year warranty and resistance to yellowing or fading which the next owner is going to benefit from down the road since the BMW M3 will be rock chip free and without sandblasting on the paint that plagues most BMW M3s.  Careful with the host of other bad clear bra jobs by local installers i’ve had to replace or seen first hand!

Two useful products to help extend the life of the 2016 BMW M3 clear bra’s life is Xpel Cleaner and Xpel Sealant.

BMW-M3-xpel-stealth-matte-clear-bra-paint-protection-film-Vancouver-ClearBra-Zee4Take a look below to the the patterns for the BMW M3 Xpel STEALTH Clear Bra installation below.

There is no question, it’s best to use a quality self healing and orange peel free clear bra like XPEL ULTIMATE or 3M Pro paint protection film for a Corvette Z06 and if you want to change or have matte paint then Xpel STEALTH Wrap is your best choice.

Vancouver ClearBra took delivery of a new 2016 BMW 235i Cabriolet in the spring of 2016, though BMW Moncton, in Moncton New Brunswick Canada. Please view the blog post  and the vast amount of images posted of my work with Vancouver ClearBra dating back to 2004, The Vancouver ClearBra BMW M235i cabriolet will have a full coverage Xpel ULTIMATE clear bra paint protection film installed soon.

BMW M3 Xpel STEALTH Clear Bra Patterns:

BMW M3 Full Hood Fenders BMW Front Bumper
 Full Fender and Mirror Kit Bumper Kit
BMW Turbo Rocker Panels 2016 BMW M3 Rear Bumper
 Rocker Panel Kit  Rear Bumper Kit
BMW Full Doors and Fenders BMW M3 Roof
 Door and Rear Fender Kit

Door and Rear Fender Kit

 Roof Kit
2016 BMW M3 Tail Kit
Trunk Lid Kit

Conclusion of clear bra paint protection film installation:

You will see one of the first images on Instagram and then the installation and finished pictures of the full Xpel ULTIMATE clear bra paint protection film on the BMW M3 Xpel STEALTH Clear Bra below plus the Vancouver ClearBra YouTube channel for the XPEL ULTIMATE clear bra installation videos.

Zee and myself got together in July and fully wrapped his new BMW M3 in Xpel STEALTH matte clear bra paint protection film. The job went very well, had to get back together to take out some bubbles and replace the vinyl carbon fibre on the roof and add the side pieces. Zee has sent some pictures in which I will add soon of the car out in public.

BMW-M3-xpel-stealth-matte-clear-bra-paint-protection-film-Vancouver-ClearBra-ZeeBMW-M3-xpel-stealth-matte-clear-bra-paint-protection-film-Vancouver-ClearBra-Zee1 BMW-M3-xpel-stealth-matte-clear-bra-paint-protection-film-Vancouver-ClearBra-Zee2 BMW-M3-xpel-stealth-matte-clear-bra-paint-protection-film-Vancouver-ClearBra-Zee3

2016 BMW M3 Xpel STEALTH Clear Bra Vancouver

2016 BMW M3 Matte

Be sure to have a look at what my local Vancouver competition has to offer for clear bra paint protection film installations using 3M Pro, XPEL ULTIMATE, VentureShield  Ultra clear bra, in addition to the vast amount of bad clear bra jobs I have seen from the local tint shops and new installers to the Vancouver area, that I have personally removed and reinstalled their clear bra, and made it look right. Sadly at times this has been the customers expense as they left the dealership and signed off on the new car, don’t let this happen to you. I’ve also added a page on me vs the competition and some must know information to further illustrate the need to find the correct installer to make you new clear bra paint protection film installation look it’s best; while allowing you some education as to what you need to look for in a clear bra paint protection film installation using 3M Pro, Xpel ULTIMATE and VentureShield Ultra clear bra paint protection film.

Xpel-Ultimate-Vancouver-ClearBra-clear-bra-paint-protection-film 3M-Pro-Vancouver ClearBra-clear-bra-paint-protection-film

BMW M3 Xpel STEALTH Clear Bra Vancouver

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