BMW M235i Xpel Ultimate Clear Bra 3M

BMW M235i Xpel Ultimate Clear Bra 3M Pro


Vancouver ClearBra


2016 BMW M235i Xpel Ultimate Clear Bra 3M Pro Vancouver


Vancouver BC Canada and Moncton New Brunswick Canada


Vancouver ClearBra 3M Xpel Clear Bra VancouverVancouver ClearBra will take delivery of a new 2016 BMW 235i Cabriolet in the spring of 2016, though BMW Moncton, in Moncton New Brunswick Canada. My dealings were though, my longstanding relationship with Scott the sales manager, and more recently Roland in sales and Monique who’s BMW Moncton’s financial services manager. Please have a look at BMW Moncton yourself to see the great inventory and committed staff serving the New Brunswick region of Canada.

The addition of the new BMW 235i Cabriolet will be exhilarating, since BMW has put a great deal of effort into recreating the fun driving of a classic BMW E46 M3 Cabriolet with its shorter wheelbase and higher horse powered softtop convertible. Furthermore, the BMW 235i cabriolet will be used to help promote Xpel ULTIMATE and 3M Pro clear bra paint protection film installations to Vancouver ClearBra clients throughout Canada from Vancouver to Halifax and most areas in between. It’s rare for a client to desire a first hand consultation after viewing the vast amount of images posted of my work with Vancouver ClearBra dating back to 2004, albeit there are those who would like to view Xpel ULTIMATE or 3M Pro in person for which, the Vancouver ClearBra BMW M235i cabriolet will have a full coverage Xpel Ultimate and 3M Pro clear bra paint protection film installed for viewing. The black color will show off the great self healing properties, rock chip protection and near orange peel free finish.

M Logo BMW Vancouver ClearBraThe BMW M235i Xpel Ultimate Clear Bra 3M Pro clear bra show car will have a number of aftermarket parts to help it stand out from the crowd. This will include installation videos on YouTube with blog posts about the Vancouver ClearBra BMW M235i Cabriolet aftermarket parts installations on the products I have chosen to install in detail.

There was no question, I will use a quality self healing and orange peel free clear bra like XPEL ULTIMATE and 3M Pro paint protection film for the Vancouver ClearBra BMW M235i Cabriolet. The clear bra paint protection film installation will be performed in Moncton New Brunswick, at BMW Moncton while the car is brand new with no road mileage to speak of. This will allow me my best chance of a contamination free installation as once the vehicle is on the road it will quickly gather dust, dirt and sand particles in all the little edges, which at times comes out during the installation and gets trapped under the Xpel ULTIMATE or 3M Pro clear bra.

The BMW M235i Xpel Ultimate Clear Bra 3M Pro will not be yellowing, fading and is highly resistant to scratching building up, to a point where the film would look unattractive, since the XPEL ULTIMATE and 3M Pro clear bra has self healing properties. Xpel offers a 10 year warranty on their paint protection film installed through myself at Vancouver ClearBra since I’m Xpel certified vs a 7 year warranty with the 3M Pro.

BMW Roundel Vancouver ClearBraI will get the Xpel ULTIMATE Clear Bra self healing paint protection film on right away before damages from rocks or sandblasting started. In addition, it will match the clear coat perfectly, with it’s orange peel free finish while allowing a near seamless look to the new BMW M235i Xpel ULTIMATE Clear Bra, It’s very important to use a quality film like, XPEL ULTIMATE or 3M Pro in order to prevent yellowing of the film, prevent swirl marks and holograms on dark colored vehicles. I will be using Xpel computer cut kits to avoid cutting on the painted surfaces of the new Vancouver ClearBra 2016 BMW M235i Clear Bra show car.

Included on the clear bra installation by Vancouver ClearBra:

Full Hood Fenders and Mirrors Front Bumper
Full Hood, Fender and Mirror Kit Bumper Kit
Doors Rear Bumper
Door Kit Rear Bumper Kit
Rocker Panels Lights
Rocker Panel Kit Headlamp and Fog Lamp Kit
Rear Fenders Windshield Surround
Convertible Contact Area Trunk Lid

Conclusion of clear bra paint protection film installation:

Update: You will see one of the first images on Instagram and then the installation and finished pictures of the full front XPEL ULTIMATE clear bra paint protection film on Vancouver ClearBra’s BMW M235i Cabriolet Xpel ULTIMATE Clear Bra below plus the Vancouver ClearBra YouTube channel for the XPEL ULTIMATE clear bra installation videos.


2016 BMW M235i Xpel Ultimate Clear Bra 3M Vancouver Installation Images

2016 BMW M235i Cabriolet

Be sure to have a look at what my local Vancouver competition has to offer for clear bra paint protection film installations using 3M Pro, XPEL ULTIMATE, VentureShield  Ultra clear bra, in addition to the vast amount of bad clear bra jobs I have seen from the local tint shops and new installers to the Vancouver area, that I have personally removed and reinstalled their clear bra, and made it look right. Sadly at times this has been the customers expense as they left the dealership and signed off on the new car, don’t let this happen to you. I’ve also added a page on me vs the competition and some must know information to further illustrate the need to find the correct installer to make you new clear bra paint protection film installation look it’s best; while allowing you some education as to what you need to look for in a clear bra paint protection film installation using 3M Pro, Xpel ULTIMATE and VentureShield Ultra clear bra paint protection film.


Xpel-Ultimate-Vancouver-ClearBra-clear-bra-paint-protection-film 3M-Pro-Vancouver ClearBra-clear-bra-paint-protection-film

2016 BMW M235i Xpel Ultimate Clear Bra 3M Pro Vancouver

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